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It really pisses me off that Robin Williams dying (while sad and heartbreaking) is getting more attention that what is going on in Iraq right now! As a mental health professional it also enrages me that now that someone famous has killed themselves in a state of severe depression, depression is getting national attention as being one of the most common forms of mental illness. When my mom tried to kill herself because of her depression there was no media surge. When my best friend was so deep in her depression should couldn’t leave the house there were no Facebook posts saying how much we miss her and how sad we are for what she is going through. It enrages me that it takes someone famous to get national recognition for something that affects almost 15 million people in the US alone. 

Why is it that my news feed is full of “RIP Robin Williams” and “I can’t believe he’s gone” “I’m watching insert movie here and crying my eyes out” , instead of people outraged by the KILLING OF CHILDREN in Iraq. They are not just killing them they are CUTTING THEIR HEADS OFF! Its a Christian Genocide and NO ONE GIVE ONE IOTA OF CRAP ABOUT IT! everyone is wrapped up in this pretend heart break about a man, that while he may have been on their TV, they did not know AT ALL! Wake up people! Its time to start caring about the real issues. Stop being blind about what is going on in the world! Robin Williams death is a tragedy, but more tragic is mass murdering of the innocent. 

Yes is awful that Robin Williams killed himself, but instead of writing about how sad you are DO SOMETHING to help alleviate the stigma of mental illness. If people were more accepting of mental illness then more people would be open to reaching out for help. If you have suffered with depression TALK AOBUT IT!!! The only way to remove the stigma is for people to SPEAK UP! Tell the world what you are going through. Your story could help someone else! If you are suffering with depression, SPEAK UP! There are millions of people that want to help you!!! 

I want to sleep as blissfully as this tiny tot. Where nothing is wrong in the world.

I want to sleep as blissfully as this tiny tot. Where nothing is wrong in the world.


When you have three kids the word “NO” is used constantly.

"Mommy can I have a cupcake for breakfast?" "NO!" "

"NOOOOOOOOOO don’t eat that worm!"

It’s a constant sound in our house. And I’ve noticed that. Y four year old has begun asserting himself with this word. He has realized that “NO” has power. When he is asked to do something he simply says “no” and there really is nothing I can do about it because after all, no means no. If I tell him “No” and expect him to honor it, shouldn’t I honor it when he says no? Also it’s incredibly negative to continuously tell someone they can’t do things.

I am going to go one week without using the word “NO”. I am going to start thinking about things before I just say no. Instead of that being. My immediate go to answer because, let’s face it, I don’t really want to clean up the mess that comes with finger painting. But I vow that for at least one week, I will refrain from saying no.

This doesn’t mean that my kids will get a free pass to behave any way they want, I will however begin to take more time to think about what they are doing and the reasons why I want to tell them no (usually because it is easier for ME). I will have to become more creative in discipline. Hopefully at the end of the week I will not immediately go to the word no. And if we’re lucky, I may even have happier kids by the end if the week!

Acceptance and Awkward Grocery Checkouts

Recently my family had to apply for WIC benefits. (In our state that just means that through the state we can get free produce, milk, eggs, bread, peanut butter etc.) We have been having a hard time getting back on track after my husband lost his job. So I finally sucked it up and made the appointment. As much of a relief it is to have a lower grocery bill, it’s also embarrassing walking into the grocery store with the vouchers. Everyone knows what the vouchers are and I feel incredibly self conscious using them. After all, I have a masters degree, I just can’t afford to take the licensing exam to actually start practicing.
Yesterday I had my most awkward experience yet… And at a store I never thought I would get that at. I don’t want to call any store out, but if you live in South Carolina ( I’m not sure if they are a national chain) think of a store that’s promoted to have the best customer service of them all. Anyway I’m trying to check out and I know that because I have WIC vouchers it’s going to take extra time for me to check out. I tried to pick a lane that wasn’t super busy and apologized to anyone who got in line behind me because it might be a few extra minutes. The girl bagging my groceries was super polite and all smiles as usual. But, the cashier, was super rude. He did not say one word to me. He looked at me with this mixture of pity and shame. I tried to smile and be friendly to him, but I felt extremely ostracized. Somehow, because I was on “assistance” I was less worthy, less important than the other customers who were paying cash.
There are people in this country who are embarrassed to be on assistance, but it’s the only way they can feed their family because of circumstances that were beyond their control. I don’t want to admit that I can’t afford to feed my children, or pay my bills every month, but that’s where we are in life. And it’s hard enough to deal with without cashiers giving me dirty looks. As if my self esteem is not already low enough, thank you cashier for making me feel lower than dirt, when my world is already falling apart.

Visiting the grandparents!


1st Kid V. 3rd Kid

First born spits up in the crib - change all the sheets and the baby’s clothes.

Third baby spits up in the crib - just move them to a dry spot and wipe them down.

Stay At Home Mom

Over the last nine months my husband and I have talked about how we are going to afford to put three children in day care. With the job I was working there was no possible way. So we decided that I would leave my job (not a very good job) and stay home with our three wonderful children (4, 3, and newborn). 

The thing about this is, my kids are wicked smart. The current preschool they have been attending has them ready for kindergarden by the time they are four. Which is awesome. Except now I feel the desperate need to make sure that they will continue learning at that pace while they are home with me. Which if I had one kid or two kids the same age would be simpler. As it is, I have three! Conner, the oldest, is so smart and could probably go to kindergarden now if they would let him. How in the world do I keep him entertained, while still teaching him something. Corah, is just slightly behind Conner. It is going to be challenging. My home is about to get crazy. I should probably be working on getting it ready, but instead I’m lying on the couch recovering from the birth of our son and freaking out about the fact that I am going to have three kids under 5 in my house all day everyday starting March 1.